Courses Overview

Basic User 101 Course

The DW Academy Basic User 101 Course offers training for individuals who want to learn the basics of DocuWare, or as a refresher for those with previous experience.

This course covers:
  • General Overview – Learn which operating systems and browsers work best with DocuWare. This lesson will also cover the basics of the interface layout.
  • General User Settings – Learn how to reset passwords and set up document trays.
  • Importing Documents – Learn how to import documents into docuware using several different methods.
  • Storing Documents – Learn how to store documents to a file cabinet completely indexed.
  • Searching Documents – Discover how the ‘search’ feature works and how to quickly find what you need.
  • Using Annotations – Learn how to use annotation overlays to redact information, make notes, highlight text, and more.
  • Using Folders – Learn how to use a Windows folder structure for importing documents into DocuWare completely indexed.
  • Using Forms – Learn how to utilize the Forms module.
  • Using Stamps – Learn how a basic workflow works using stamps.

Basic Admin Course

The Basic Admin course is a more advanced DocuWare course that will cover the basics of setting up and configuring DocuWare for a work environment at the Admin level.

This course offers a general configuration overview for an accounting department. The information and tutorials provided will help the organization Admin in determining how DocuWare should be set up for their particular organization.

This course covers:
  • Installing Desktop Apps – Learn how to install and connect desktop apps after a new installation or upgrade.
  • User Management – Learn how to manage the users within an organization, including assigning rights and profiles, document trays, passwords, and more.
  • Users Overview – Learn the user hierarchy as it relates to roles and groups.
  • Creating Roles – Learn how to create Roles within the DocuWare Administration tool.
  • Creating a New User – Learn how to create a new user.
  • Creating Document Trays – Learn how to create document trays for new and existing users.
  • Pre File Cabinet Configuration – Learn the in’s and out’s of configuring a File Cabinet before you create one.
  • Creating a File Cabinet – Learn how to create a file cabinet and assign rights to users and roles.
  • Creating a Folder Configuration – Learn how to set up folder configurations.
  • Creating a Printer Configuration – Learn how to create document templates and configurations for Printing documents into DocuWare.
  • Creating a Scanner Configuration – Learn how to create document templates and configurations for Scanning documents into DocuWare.
  • Creating Public Stamps – Learn how to create public stamps.
  • Creating Personal Stamps – Learn how to create personal stamps
  • Creating Forms – This two-part lesson covers the basics of creating a form, as well as more advanced features such as Merge Forms.

Advanced Admin Course

The Advanced Admin course is built for more seasoned IT and DocuWare professionals.

This course covers:
  • Creating an External Select List with a CSV file
  • Setting up a Multi-Column Select List with a CSV file
  • Configuring Connect to Outlook
  • Setting up Smart Connect for Search and Indexing
  • Task Lists from Task Manager Module
  • Email Notifications from Task Manager
  • Configure and Use Version Control.
  • Create and Use DocuWare Forms
  • Advanced Import / DW Printer / Scan Configurations 
  • Intelligent Indexing
  • Configuring Auto-Index
  • DocuWare Mobile